Faleemi products are part of a generation of advanced remote monitoring and surveillance systems which bridge the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use and affordability. With their high quality and robust design, our cameras allow you to securely monitor your home, small business or medium to large enterprise. Our camera systems are designed to record and deliver live video and audio to you anywhere in the world

We distinguish ourselves by an unrelenting commitment to excellence in terms of our product software, hardware and support. We spend months, even years, developing and testing each product before release to ensure it works as it should and we continue to improve our products after release through firmware updates to enhance features, simplicity, reliability and security.

We are a top rated security products manufacturer and distributor servicing hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide primarily across the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany and France. We provide free after-sales support and local warranty services to all of our customers in their local countries.  All of our US sales ship from within the United States and are guaranteed by our local US warranty and support services out of our Houston, TX, location. Similarly all sales in Canada, the UK, Germany and France ship from local warehouses in their respective countries.

When you purchase an Faleemi product you are not only purchasing the product, but also the value-added services of our 24 – 48 hour shipping from our local warehouse, complete after-sales technical support as well as our US/local replacement warranty and return services. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by dropping an email to sales@Faleemi.com or calling us at one of the phone numbers on our contact us page.


At Faleemi, we in are in the business of securing human life and property. Our core purpose is to deliver affordable solutions which help people feel secure and protect whats important to them. We are inspired by the ideals of technological advancement, excellence in our craft and service to humanity. We offer our customers peace of mind, a deeper connection with their world and a sense of security knowing their loved ones and material assets are safe.

Our main task is not only to design, develop and manufacture the finest security and surveillance equipment out there, but more importantly to build the finest security & surveillance company there is, and to keep building, never stopping, never finishing. Our ultimate goal is to establish a company that can prosper beyond the tenure of any single leader and through multiple product life cycles; for the company to continue to provide value and fulfill its core purpose for generations to come.


We are guided in pursuit of our purpose by a set of core values that inspire us and which we believe will remain relatively constant as we continue our journey forward. Those values are as follows:

Focus on the customer, and everything else will follow.

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that customers will not hesitate to let you know what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong. It is primarily due to this very fact that Faleemi was born. Therefore, every piece of feedback we get is treated as constructive criticism, and acts as a system of checks and balances in order to make our products and services better, easier, and more relevant to our customers. The idea here is that without our customers, we would not exist.

Commit to Greatness.

We center around the idea that “getting the job done” isn’t enough. Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction with the way things are becomes the driving force behind everything we do. This not only ensures that we do not become complacent with the current status quo, but also pressures us to constantly look at things in the context of continuous improvement. We empower every business unit to act as if they operate as their own independent company, and to make independent decisions based on our core values. What this does is it allows employees to experiment and suggest new processes, ideas, and workflows to make their business units thrive, and eventually, we believe that these people can become the best operators in the industry at what they do, which directly reciprocates to Faleemi becoming the best it can ever be, no matter what.

Be passionate, ambitious, and pursue perfection.

We strive everyday to create and mold things to perfection, whether it’s in our product, in our process, or in our people. We believe that the only reason anything we do is possible is only by our sheer passion and ambition for making things happen, and for making our vision and mission a reality. Passion allows us to pour our heart and soul into what we do, ambition keeps us on track to fulfill our goals with razor sharp focus. We don’t lose sight of either one.

Collaborate with Infectious Enthusiasm.

At Faleemi, everyone pitches in, whether it’s for big projects like designing products which can span through multiple departments, or small short-term tasks like helping our support team take calls if they are overloaded, or helping our fulfillment team get all of their packages out for the day if sales hit a peak. The idea here is that no one should feel that helping other co-workers out when a situation is dire is “beneath them”. There is a recognition and appreciation that every single department is important. What good is our product team without our support team backing up the product? What good are our marketing, sales, and ecommerce teams without our fulfillment and RMA teams working to get product shipped out or replaced promptly if there’s an issue? We are only as strong as our weakest link, which means we have to work with synergy across all departments to ensure that we are always firing on all cylinders.

Move Fast and Embrace Change.

The environment at Faleemi has always been dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging. By our industry’s very nature, it is required of us to always be on our toes, able to adapt to the times and pivot our trajectory when needed, whether the forecast is favorable or unfavorable. More so than this, by committing to greatness, we inherently accept the fact that we must embrace change to become better than what we currently are at this present moment in time.

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent.

Just like our customers provide us their honest feedback through reviews about our products and services, we must be open to feedback about ourselves as a company through our own internal reviews and communication, both the good and the bad, whether it be from employees, suppliers, or shareholders. Given our flat management structure, it is critical that managers are able to handle increased responsibility and accountability to ensure their teams have full transparency and are able to come to them for any reason. Each employee should understand that we abide by a complete open-door policy, and feedback is always taken seriously, no matter what your position is in the company. We must strive for open communication, and understand that transparency is a two-way street. By committing to transparency, we commit to mutual respect, trust and goodwill, and clear, consistent communication.

Have Fun.

While we take our business and our work very seriously, we always remember not to take ourselves too seriously. When we take ourselves too seriously and suck the fun out of our work, the ability to guide, inspire, and lead others becomes hindered. As a result, we lose passion, drive, motivation, and creativity, which can have a direct effect on everything we do. Having fun is important for remaining sane in the fast-paced world we live and work in. We don’t believe fun at work takes away from productivity, rather it increases it. When you enjoy the people you work with and the environment you work in, it’s much easier to focus your passion towards developing great products and services.

Be Humble.

Lastly, we must never forget where we came from. Despite all the great things Faleemi has accomplished and we hope, will continue to accomplish, there will always be challenges ahead. No matter what happens, we ensure that we celebrate our individual and team successes, but not in an arrogant or boastful manner. We must treat others the way we want to be treated, regardless of the circumstances. We believe that we should always be respectful of everyone and always “take the high road”. At Faleemi, we celebrate our success and share it openly with one another, always striving to be mindful, free from arrogance, and conceit.

Thank You & Best Regards,

The Team at Faleemi.com